Transition Management

Accompaniment throughout the transnational transfer of activity from Amsterdam to Lux.Production of internal reportings and regulations, transfer of expertise to the new CFO


  • Transfer of transnational activities
  • Production of internal reporting and regulations
  • Creation of new reportings under BALE III
  • Recuperation period of short term processes
  • Needs relating to automation
  • Adapting to new tools

Our action plan

  • Reverse Ingineering et re- ingeenring process
  • Automation and simplification of processes , tactical solutions
  • Regulatory expertise within the creation of new regulatory frameworks under BALE lll
  • Transfer of skills
  • Production of financial statements, notes and annexes

Key factors to success

  • Rapidity and efficiency of reverse engineering throughout the last 3 weeks in the prescence of the retiring CFO
  • Implementation and redaction of procedures sufficiently clear and detailed in order to facilitate the transmission
  • A flexible FAIRMAN contingency plan that will adapt quickly to the specific needs of the project

Our other references