Coordination of the middle office

Steering, coordination, guidance and control of convergence projects at the heart of the MO.


  • Range of projects
  • Change management
  • Dual business
  • Severe operational risks
  • Dismantling of local tools
  • Regulatory problems

Our Action Plan

  • Steering and the control of projects
  • Multiple project management
  • Change management
  • Regulation expertise
  • Team training
  • Coordination of credit migration based on group standards
  • Budget forecast

Key factors to success

  • Regulatory expertise EMIR and FATCA, IFRS 9 with impacts on business lines
  • Expertise in project management and cost control related to budgeting projects
  • Business expertise in the classification of payment appropriateness and SPV under CRS
  • Knowledge base of SI group SG and accounting systems for each product
  • Training and raising awareness of the staff pertaining to EMIR & FATCA

Our other references