Job application

You may apply online for a job opening or for a speculative application

Initial feedback

If your profile matches our requirements you will be contacted to organise a first interview. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by email.

Interview process

Our recruitment process is renound for its selectivity.

The process will begin by a telephone interview to determine the next stage of the hiring process. If you are successful this will be followed by three face to face interviews.

In total 4 interviews will take place with clearly defined and differentiated objectives in order to allow all parties involved to understand the terms and conditions for a future collaboration ;Skills matching, suitability of the job role and professional aspirations.

Job offer, contract

As soon as your job offer has been finalised, our HR manager will contact you in order to offer you the job and transmit the contract.

The integration

Welcome. The day you arrive you will be welcomed by our HR manager before joining our team. The process of integration will last one week, allowing you to become familiarised in our setting and « culturally aware » of our working methods within Fairman.

Our recruitment process