Piloting of the program

Accompaniment of the financial management group within the framework of project management « the cleint is at the heart » in which the objective is to redesign account management/position keeping of BNP Paribas


  • Implementation of a software package within a very short period of time
  • Historically complicated SI architecture
  • Various issues and stakes for the detailed banking business and its management
  • Financial Group
  • Finctional tests/Revenue in degraded modes
  • Cost management

Our Action Plan

  • Managing the implementation and close monitoring in order to secure the launching of the programme ( operational committee and steering committee)
  • Coordination of works defining the targeted architecture and its trajectory
  • Conducting bilateral meetings( business/finance) across different levels ( operational, steering, executive)
  • Steering committee dedicated to revenues and adjustments within the organisation in a degraded mode. Management of planning and budgets

Key factors to success

  • Managing the mission critical programme and implementing immediate gouvernance
  • Designing architectural solutions according to an approach both communicative and responsible in order to facilitate development decision making based on work collaboration within the project team and its business
  • Business agility and suppleness in dealing with different problems occuring during the launching of a programme accross the elaboration of tactical tools

Our other references